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Dear Community Members, Jwajalapa - Namaskar,
Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA) held its annual summer picnic on Saturday, August 20, 2016, at
Wheaton Regional Park, Silver Spring, Maryland. Coinciding with the summer picnic, NPPA observed
first-ever Sa Paru (Gai Jatra in Nepali, Cow Festival in English) in the USA, which was one of the main attractions.
Sa Paru literally means cow festival and it is one of the unique festivals celebrated mostly by Newars
(but not limited to) in Nepal. This festival is observed on the first lunar day of Gunlathwa Bhadra
(August/ September) month. This festival commenced in the medieval era as tantric ritual to pay homage
to Yamaraj, the lord of death in Hinduism. However, in the current era, Sa Paru is observed in memory of
and to celebrate the life of the departed family member.
The summer picnic started with typical and delicious Newah snacks, followed by Sa Paru celebration. 
NPPA President Mrs. Saroj Prajapati welcomed Nepalese Ambassador to the USA His Excellency
Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki, Honorary Consul General Prem Raja Mahat, DCM Mr. Jiwan Shrestha and
Mrs. Shrestha, Economic Counselor Mr. Kailash Pokharel & Mrs. Pokharel, head of all the organizations
and all the attendees of NPPA summer picnic and participants of Sa Paru festival. His Excellency Dr. Karki
appreciated NPPA’s efforts and contributions to preserve Nepalese culture beyond Nepal. He also expressed
his support and offered best wishes for the success of Sa Paru celebration program.
The Sa Paru participants went through sankalpa, a purification process, conducted by the eldest lady of
the family, allowing the Sa Paru procession to formally start. The procession went around the
Wheaton Regional Park lead by typical Newah Dhime. Flyers explaining the rationale of Sa Paru festival
were distributed to bystanders/onlookers.
Three families participated in this first-ever Sa Paru festival in the US, as listed below:
1.  Late Mr. Asha Kazi Shrestha (Father of Mr. Pancha Shrestha & Mr. Babu Shrestha)
     Participants:   Naveen Shrestha, Sweekar Shrestha, Niraj Shrestha, Hridaya Tuladhar, & Aryan Shrestha
2.  Late Mrs. Sabitri Devi Joshi (Mother of Mr. Subash Joshi)
     Participants:   Krish Dulal, Ocean Shrestha, Manindra Man Singh Pradhan, Prachin Bhatta, & Piyush Bhatta
3.  Late Mrs. Krishna Devi Vaidya (Mother of Mr. Ashok Vaidya & Mrs. Kabita Manandhar)
     Participant:    Aliya Manandhar

The first-ever Sa Paru celebration in the US is a manifest of NPPA team work. The paper head-gear were acquired

in Kathmandu, Nepal by Mr. Ambika Lal & Mrs. Anita Shrestha and were brought to the USA by Mr. Durga Lal

and Mrs. Amita Shrestha. Jama and Jani, similar to cummerbund, were provided by Mr. Nani Babu &

Mrs. Magan Shrestha, additional Jani were provided by Mr. Krishna & Mrs. Saroj Prajapati, the umbrellas were

attractively decorated by Mr. Ram & Mrs. Bishnu Malakar, and the make-up materials were provided by

Mr. Pancha & Mrs. Shanti Shrestha.

After the conclusion of Sa Paru procession, several fun games and activities were conducted with active
youth participation. 20 winners of various games were awarded with gift-cards. Main course of food and
barbeque was served around 3:00 PM. Over 500 people attended the fun filled summer picnic and
Sa Paru event. NPPA would like to thank the following individuals for providing food and monetary
Ram & Bisnu Malakar – Pulau
Himalayan Restaurant, Baltimore (Bijaya & Minu Shrestha) – Marinated BBQ Chicken
Ghar-e-Kabob Restaurant (Lok Tiwari & Chetnath Bhandari) – Marinated BBQ Chicken
Bhagat Lal & Meera Shrestha            Dibya & Saubhagya Hada                  Laxman & Sarita Pradhan
Krishna & Saroj Prajapati                    Raju & Shilu Joshee                           Buddha & Ganga Maharjan
Manohar & Anjaly Shrestha                Allan and Elina Maharjan                    Pancha & Shanti Shrestha
Nani & Magan Shrestha                     Sarita Dongol                                      Prabin & Deepa Tamrakar
Sunita Amatya                                    Ramji & Durga Prajapati                     Kailash & Rita Singh
Raju & Sanju Malakar                         Roshan & Uma Mali                           Ratna & Heera Shakya
Ganesh & Hari Baba Kayastha          Jayambhu & Laxmi Ranjit                  Swayambhu & Bijaya Maharjan
Binesh & Ramita Maharjan                 Ratna Ranjit                                        Subash & Sudarshana Joshi
Gyani & Kabita Manandhar                Madan & Muna Tamrakar                  Sugandha & Sumeena Tamrakar
Suman & Reshmi Tamrakar              Bibhinna & Geeta Tamrakar               Veda & Bidhya Pradhan
Maheshwar & Beena Baidya              Yagya Man & Mahima Shakya          Heena Bajracharya    
Rita Prajapati                                      BL & Mandira Shrestha                      Laxmi Pradhan          
Sarita Bhandari                                   Kiran & Babita Shrestha                     Sanju Singh
Many other community members contributed delicious food, drinks, chips, fruits, etc. Following contributions
were received to cover various picnic expenses and to award the winners of the games.
Classic Diamonds (Allan Maharjan):............ $225.00   ($150.00 venue rental & $75.00 Pandora gift cards)
Fenwick Beer (Suman & Cathy Shrestha):.. $200.00   (picnic expenses)
Krishna & Saroj Prajapati: .............................. $50.00   gift cards
Raju & Shilu Joshee: ..................................... $50.00   gift cards
Buddha & Ganga Maharjan: .......................... $50.00   gift cards
Nani Babu & Magan Shrestha: ...................... $50.00   gift cards
NPPA would like to thank all the contributors, volunteers, and the participants for making this year’s picnic
and first-ever Sa Paru festival in USA a grand success. Special thanks to Mr. Krishna Prajapati,
Mr. Nani Babu Shrestha, and Mr. Pancha Shrestha for barbequing chicken while enduring the heat,
in last numerous picnics.
NPPA will maintain this tradition with your support. Let’s continue to strive together to preserve our culture and identity.
Please mark your calendar for the following NPPA’s upcoming events:
     » October 23, 2016  -  Dashain (Maha Ashtami)
     » October 31, 2016   -  (Nepal Sambat 1137)
     » November 4-5, 2016  -  Nepal Sambat 1137 Bhintuna and NPPA’s 25th Anniversary celebration
Subhay, Dhanyabad,
NPPA Executive Committee
Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA), established in 1991, is a Newah organization based in the metropolitan Washington, DC. 
The Nepa Pasa Pucha Corporation is a registered legal name of NPPA which is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization under the
IRC Section 501(c)(3). Its primary mission is the preservation and promotion of Newah cultural heritage, traditions, and customs in the USA/