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NPPA’s 25th Anniversary Bhintuna and 1137 Nepal Sambat

NPPA's 25th Anniversary and Nepal Sambat 1137 Bhintuna Celebration

"Pioneering the Preservation of Newah Culture"

With Special Performance by the famous duo MaHa Jodi (Mr. Madan Krishna Shrestha and Mr. Hari Bamsha Acharya)


Dear Community Member Friends and Families, Jwajalapa – Namaste!


Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA) cordially invites you, your family, and friends to join the celebration of Nepal Sambat 1137 Mha Pooja (worship of inner-self) – also known as “BHINTUNA” (Good Wishes) and NPPA’s 25th anniversary. It is a unique cultural event of the Newah people of Nepal and a key milestone of NPPA. Since it is the Silver Jubilee of NPPA, the celebration will be held for two days:

Day 1: Friday, November 4, 2016 (6 PM - 11 PM) 

  1. Mha Pooja
  2. Jhwa Bhwaye
  3. Cultural Program (with DJ Night)

Day 2: Sturday, November 5, 2016 (12 PM - 11 PM)  

  1. Samay Bajee (12 PM - 2 PM)
  2. Inauguration (3 PM - 5 PM)
  3. Newah Buffet Dinner (6 PM - 8 PM)
  4. Performance by MaHa Jodi (8 PM - 11 PM)
  5. Cultural show by Popular Artists (8 PM - 11 PM)


Venue: Northwood High School, 919 University Blvd W, Silver Spring, MD 20901

[A detail program will be provided soon]

Note: Please purchase both the tickets if you would like to attend both events. Children 10 years and under are permitted FREE and do not require to purchase tickets.

The famous duo MaHa Jodi (Mr. Madan Krishna Shrestha and Mr. Hari Bamsha Acharya)will visit the USA only for this Event, especially to perform on Saturday, November 5th. A detailed program will be shared later.

Let’s congregate to celebrate New Nepal Sambat 1137 Bhintuna and NPPA’s 25th Anniversary in a special way! We wish you peace and prosperity on the occasion of SWANTI NAKHA, TIHAR & DEEPAWALI and sincerely hope that you will be able to attend the program.

Subhay – Dhanyabad,


The Executive Committee

Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA)




Points of Contact:

Mrs. Saroj Prajapati, President                     240-246-5821

Mr. Raju Joshee, Vice President                   443-597-8301

Mr. Buddha Maharjan, Vice President           240-838-0245

Mr. Manohar Shrestha, General Secretary     703-599-0469

Mr. Allan Maharjan, Treasurer                       347-350-4713

Mrs. Shanti Shrestha, Executive Member      301-385-2761

Mrs. Magan Shrestha, Executive Member     301-675-9377

Ms. Sarita Dongol, Executive Member          240-264-6571

Mrs. Rita Singh, Executive Member              301-300-7393