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The idea of first Newah organization-Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA) was established in November 1991 with collective interests and efforts of Newah friends and families residing in greater Washington metropolitan area. The role and contribution of Newah “Guthi” was noteworthy in the process of recognizing and creating NPPA. NPPA was officially registered in Washington DC under the leadership of former President Mr. Ram Malakar. NPPA was incorporated with the following objectives:

(i) To conserve and preserve the cultural heritage, the traditions and the customs of the Newah people.
(ii) To collect and administer funds for charitable and educational development purposes.
(iii) To participate and facilitate the growth and development of the Newah culture in arts, literature, language, science, commerce, music, dances, customs and rituals of the Newah people in the modern world.
(iv) To enhance mutual understanding and brotherhood between the people of the Newah culture and other culture of Nepal and of the world at large for bringing unity, peace and harmony in this multi-cultural world.

Over the last 18 years, the NPPA has been actively engaged in promoting, preserving and strengthening the Newah cultural heritage in the U.S and abroad. NPPA has also been supporting elementary and higher education projects and natural disaster relief funds both in Nepal and the US. It collected funds for Nepal Bhasha Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal. NPPA always takes initiative in collecting funds to help support the deprived families. NPPA members participate in various professional and business forums organized by different institutions. As a core cultural activity, NPPA does sponsor IHI program, which is one of the best examples of NPPA’s leadership in preserving the Newah culture in the US. NPPA has produced Newah songs DVD and Newah songs CD to promote Newah songs. NPPA members engage in a variety of cultural, business, professional, and social activities in order to stay connected with Nepalese community in greater Washington DC area. NPPA provides an opportunity to network with people from different professional and business background.

Since 1992, NPPA has been publishing annual DABU magazine which is a leading source for information and articles related to the Newah culture, traditions and heritage. NPPA organizes its annual convention to celebrate “Nhu Danya Bhintuna” ushering Nepal Sambat and Mha Pooja. No doubt, Bhintuna program is one of the landmarks of NPPA celebrated with a variety of programs, foods and live-entertainment. Each year Bhintuna program is celebrated with a special theme that is attended by dignitaries, representatives of various organizations and Nepalese people from the different cities of the country. NPPA also organizes a summer picnic and Gazal night to honor and entertain its members, friends and families.

NPPA is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization under IRC Section 501(c)(3) consisting of more than 22 patrons, 63 life members and 300 general members engaged in preserving the Newah culture and heritage.

NPPA always stands for unity and engages in the preservation and promotion of Newah language, culture, tradition, and value. NPPA is committed and dedicated to working with all Newah people to achieve its mission.